Things are now better with the Facebook app for Windows Phone. Despite the fact that the actual company who created the app did not bother to create an official version for us, we still have Microsoft to thank for, as they exerted the effort to bring the same experience with their own version of Facebook. And they continue to work on improving the app by adding new features to the Beta version for testing, before introducing it to the final version of the app. Speaking of new features, we received an update for Facebook Beta this week!

So what’s new with version of Facebook Beta? Here’s the change log:

  • Ability to view sticker comments
  • Fixes for “dead end” notifications
  • Fixes related to data sense settings
  • Upload resiliency improvements
  • General bug fixes

Above all the bug fixes and performance enhancements (which are highly appreciated), it’s nice that we can now view sticker comments directly from the app. Sticker comments are becoming popular with Facebook, since people wanted more than just using them for messaging – they want to use stickers for commenting now! Well, those stickers really are helpful in conveying a good reply to one’s post!

Grab the latest version of Facebook Beta now!





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