Windows Phone User Be Proud: Create Profile Photos With Tile Me!


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With all the recent success stories of the Windows Phone platform – marketshare, sales, popularity, B2B ventures, reviews – it really makes me proud that my Lumia 900 runs on a very unique and promising OS. I always express my love for the handset in any way that I can, from writing articles in Nokia Revolution blog, promoting Lumia to my friends, and even posting about it the social media. Now, an additional way to let people know that I’m a Windows Phone user is through using the app Tile Me! How does it work? Let’s find out.

For WP users, we are all familiar with the Me tile. It is the main tile where we can access our linked profiles from other social sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), received notifications from the said sites, post a message/status, add locations, set chat status, and change profile photos. In the start screen, the tile displays our current Facebook profile photo, that then slides downward to reveal the word “Me”, or else flips to reveal new notifications.

The Tile Me app is an app developed by InfiniteLoop, to highlight Windows Phone users’ pride in using the platform for their phones. In the early version, it allows you to add a “Me” bar of your color of choice, similar to the Me tile, above your photo to indicate that you are a WP user, and save the photo that can be used as a profile photo in different social networking sites. It was further improved in the recent updates so that it now supports the clearer image format .png, as well as the ability to edit and change the word “Me” to personalize the bar in the photo.

The app comes in free and paid version, the difference is that the free one has ads on it. But the functionality is still the same, so no worries.

So for all Windows Phone users out there, Lumia or not, want to show some love and support for our trusted platform? Use Tile Me! to generate photos that generally tells the whole world that “I am a Windows Phone user, and I am proud of it!”

Download Tile Me! in WP store now by clicking here, or scanning the QR code below:



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