Data loss is everyone’s nightmare. It was the worst day of my life when my laptop died last year and lose all my data. I’ve tried all sorts possible to recover my files to no avail. It was very unexpected and stressful. Those files were kept for years and it would impossible for me to recover it. I am clueless on what have caused it so I did some research and found out some causes of data loss. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Viruses and damaging malware

This is one of the top reasons why we lose our data in the most unexpected way. I’ve learned that in every 4.2 seconds, a new variant of malware emerges. These viruses and certain malwares can seriously damage our files by corrupting its actual contents. We can fix virus attacks by using certain software but there is a higher chance that you cannot recover it anymore.

2. Damages to the hard drive

A hard drive is a mechanical component that can eventually be worn out after years of usage. When this happens, bad sectors will start to corrupt your files. Even if you save your files onto an external hard drive, it is not an exemption. The worst part is that once you have a serious problems with your hard drive, chances of recovery is very low.

3. Spilling coffee, and other computer damages

These kinds of accidental damage is very likely to happen in our day to day lives. This can cause an extreme damage to our computers and may result to faulty parts.

What I did was look for a data recovery software that can easily recover lost files, pictures, documents, videos and all. Then I was lucky enough to find this free data recovery software that ticks all the box from my list. It gives 3 easy steps to recover my files, easy and quick.

I was able to recover all my files including my emails, audio and compressed files! I have never seen a file recovery software like this. Truly, a life saver and worth investing with.




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