Nokia is going all out to seize the 5G revolution by getting down to develop new technologies and testing its mobile handover. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications that aims to take connectivity to a whole another level by providing consistent and seamless mobile connectivity. It succeeds the GSM-based 2G systems, the UMTS 3G system and the LTE/WiMax 4G technology.

What benefits are in store? 

The technology is believed to provide faster access with low latency, high data rate, better system capacity, massive device connectivity while being energy saving and cost-cutting. The speed on low frequency 5G New Radio (NR) is expected to be at least 15-50% faster than the 4G systems. This improved connectivity will redefine the way we work, talk and play by laying the foundation for an array of potential new services that will be realised with this technology.

To help its users realize the complete potential of 5G and its capabilities, Nokia Airscale Radio along with Airframe have developed Nokia’s end-to-end 5G Future-X portfolio to deliver augmented mobile broadband services. Nokia conducted its first handover test at its 5G Trials Lab with a data transmission at a speed of 28 GHz. Two 5G New Radios were connected to a vehicle which travelled from one radio site to the other as the data transferred with uninterrupted signal mobility. Using the equipment fitted to the vehicle to measure transmission information, Nokia engineers evaluated vital metrics.

A lot of efforts by engineers on the go 

Uplink, downlink, latency levels, interruption time of handover and throughput stability were some of the vital metrics analysed by Nokia engineers. By conducting the test in the field instead of a lab, the team can simulate the user experience of mobile 5G. The result was uninterrupted call handover even in outdoor conditions with impairments from trees and building reflections. This indicates that Nokia is on track to achieve the coverage of initial stage 5G deployment.

Leading the cutting-edge technology at the forefront 

The industry standards group 3 GPP has recently included any software using NR software and Nokia is leading the 5G developments with its Layer 3 mobility handover based on 3 GPP 5G NR NSA Standard. Nokia is the first brand to showcase the first 5G standard based mobility demonstration. Among the number of deployment options service providers have to consider connecting 5G New Radio with existing 4G radios and core networks, NSA Option 3X is the preferred option. The NSA Option 3X achieves connectivity by integrating new 5G radios and existing 4G Core and 4G radio sites.

As the 5G technology is only in its early stages of development what you could call the ‘walking stage’, Nokia 5G is in the forefront. With 5G mobile phones expected to hit the stores next year when we will discover the full capabilities of 5G services, Nokia is not just walking, it is running, driving and even flying towards an enhanced 5G communications. The technology is expected to launch commercially worldwide in the year 2020.

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