Trick: How to Install Nokia Camera on Lumia 520, 620, 625, 720 and 820



Nokia has announced last time that they will be combining the Nokia Smart and Pro cam in one. This make things easier for users who want to use both features in one go. Nokia Camera is the combined features of both Smart and Pro cam, now available for PureView branded Lumia phones such as Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020 and 1520. Though it also works on 1GB RAM non-PureView Lumia device such as the 820. Nokia Camera is the best camera app in any smartphones today, exclusive only for Lumia smartphones.

Nokia Camera combines all the best features of Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam into one amazing app.

The auto mode makes it easy for anyone to capture great images with ease, and provides quick access to sport and night controls. And when you want to create that perfect composition, manual mode offers controls for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus.

There’s also smart mode, which shoots a sequence of photos that can be combined in different ways. Try emphasizing motion, removing moving objects or showing action with a strobe effect. You can also change faces in group shots so everyone will have their eyes open.

Most of you are Lumia 720, 620, 625 and 520 users who also want to get this app – I know you do. Nokia said that 512MB RAM enabled Lumia devices will also get this camera app via the Nokia Lumia Black update, which rolls out early 2014. Why wait of you can get it now?

Here’s a quick trick on how to install the Nokia Camera on any 512MB RAM Lumia devices. Just follow these steps below:

  1. Ensure that your phone is in Nokia Amber and you region is set to United States and turn the Location Services to Off
  2. Connect to your WiFi network and click on the WiFi name and enable proxy.  Change the Server/URL to in and 8888 in Port. Hit the ‘check’ button below.
  3. Go to the Windows Phone store and search for ‘Nokia Camera’ and hit install.
  4. The download process will be interrupted, once it happened, hit the Windows button and go back to your WiFi network name. Disable the proxy.
  5. Hold the back button and go back to where the Nokia Camera download left off. Hold it and select ‘Resume’. That should continue download where it left off and will install it.
  6. Enjoy the Nokia Camera on your Lumia phone! If this works for you or not, kindly leave us a comment. Cheers! 



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  • Barbie Saldua

    actually worked – after about 4 tries, i was just about to give up and was preparing to post a “did’nt work comment” But now i got it installed on my 720. Loving it. Thanks RV

  • james

    thanks, it’s working.

  • You’re welcome Barbie1

  • Welcome!

  • saimanideep

    can we dowload it over cellular network

  • Of course!

  • Ace Amit

    Please tel me how to download using cellular network

  • Sacha Obado

    I am unable to connect to the proxy.. it keeps telling me “We can’t connect to search at the moment. Make sure that you have flight mode is turned off and that you still have a network connection.”

  • deepanshu

    getting the same problem….

  • Guys you can try this proxy if this works,

  • Vitor Leite

    It’s not working, keeps saying the app is not available to my phone. Gonna wait a few moments and try again, and keep you posted!

  • Vitor Leite

    IT WORKED! Looks like you’ll just have to wait a few moments after changing wifi settings to procceed.

  • mrDerp

    same here

  • yogesh

    when we try to open the store “we cant connect to the store right now.
    check your data connection or try again later..”gives this error each and every time…..rv help plsss….

  • iwanrf

    Is it work on Lumia 625? I got error “this app not available for your device”. I’m from Indonesia

  • Randomdude

    The app doesnt even show itself in the store on my 820. The only link to get there is this website but when i change the proxy i cant connect to everything including the link. Why!?

  • There’s a nokia camera beta app for non pureview devices now 🙂

  • Yogesh sorry for the late response. There’s a Nokia Camera beta app now for non pureview devices. You can search it now from the store. People can now ignore this trick 🙂

  • Randomdude

    I still can’t find it in the store though… Do i have to wait or is that a problem?

  • Nikko

    It works from my nokia lumia 520 , i’m just wait at the store while i still can’t connect , i go to app categories and choose photo , and there nokia camera down it .

  • badar munir

    i got a error …..
    this error code may helpful:80070490
    someone help me.please

  • which device are you using?

  • badar munir

    i m using lumia 625

  • you can just look for Lumia camera from the store and that should work. This trick had become obsolete

  • badar munir

    i tried many times. 🙁 i think this error belongs to my phone rather than something else. thank you. i can’t download anything from store.

  • Ani

    same problemwith my lumia 625