In a country where owning a good smartphone is both a necessity and a luxury, most consumers are seen either carrying the latest version of Apple’s iPhone or perhaps Samsung’s new Galaxy S handset. For the rest of the local Filipino users, we might see some using brands like LG, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, etc. – the list is surely endless. Having said these facts, HMD Global’s flagship smartphone Nokia 8 is up for a tough competition. But while everyone else is going crazy over their favorite brands, let me go ahead and give you top 5 reasons why you should choose the Nokia 8 as your next high-end mobile phone.

A smartphone that is “built to last”

From then until now, Nokia has always been a mobile brand that represents quality and design, and the Nokia 8 is a clear proof of that legacy. Made from a single block of aluminum, the process of creating this smartphone is not simple, as it undergoes a rigorous 40-stage process of machining, anodizing and polishing to ensure that the end product is a flawless, sleek, and stunning work of art. Yes, it is thin and lightweight, but just like any Nokia handset, the Nokia 8 is a true example of smartphone that can last for years.

A smartphone that can “create stories”

With its Dual-Sight Camera, the Nokia 8 allows us to capture not just what is happening in front of us, but also our real-time reaction ALL AT THE SAME TIME by utilizing both rear and front cameras. Not only that, both cameras are equipped with Zeiss optics to ensure clear representation of the moments we capture. Now, imagine a special moment in your life – your baby’s first steps, your proposal to your significant others, a surprise birthday party for your best friend – and you could record both your priceless reactions to the memory you just created and shared. Isn’t that awesome?

And it’s not just the visual aspect of our life stories, as Nokia 8 was created with the Nokia OZO Audio technology. This allows us to capture clear sounds while not having to worry of any background noise. You can record the true sounds of laughter, sorrow, excitement, and other emotions that we experience. That’s how a story should be created – and what better smartphone to use than the Nokia 8!

A smartphone that can “withstand life’s challenges”

Built with the latest version of the Android OS, we don’t have to worry about missing any updates with your Nokia 8! We know how important software updates are, as it can affect the functions of the important apps that we are using in our daily lives. HMD Global and Google made it easy for our Nokia 8, as it automatically updates when a new OS version is available. We are even expecting Android “P” soon!

But more than the software, Nokia 8 was also created to withstand heavy phone usage. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 running inside the handset along with a choice of 4GB and 6GB RAM variants, the Nokia 8 provides a lag-free, fast, and smooth mobile experience without using too much power from the battery source. On top of that, they also added a full-length copper cooling pipe with graphite shield to dissipate system heat across the full body of the phone. No need to worry about your smartphone overheating anymore!

A smartphone that can “give you your money’s worth”

Compared to the costly price tags of most high-end smartphones today, the Nokia 8 is way cheaper, but you get all the amazing features that we mentioned above. For only PHP 29,990, the device costs even less compared to the old flagships with the Nokia Lumia branding such as the Lumia 1020. While you might be required to come up with more than PHP40,000 to get the latest iPhone or Galaxy S handsets, think about it and consider the Nokia 8 as an option. Trust us – it will be worth it.

A smartphone that “you’ll grow to love”

No matter how many smartphone brands appear in the market, nothing beats the brand that we have so loved and trusted through the years. From the era when it was hailed as the King of Mobile Phones, to the amazing years of Lumia smartphones, the Nokia branding remains to be special to us. Its return to the mobile phone scene, through HMD Global, is a momentous event that we are all looking forward to. Ultimately, the unveil of its first high-end smartphone, the Nokia 8, strenghtens the unstoppable comeback of the brand.




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