In our current generation, we love taking pictures using our smartphones. And to jazz up that picture-perfect photo a little editing will spruce things up. In our android phones, Google Photos has a picture editor built-in, but there are many photo editors in the Play store that can offer more.

Here’s our Top 5 picks of Photo editing apps for your android phone.

Number 5 – Photogrid


Photogrid has been on android for a very long time. Way back in its early days, it’s just a simple photo collage maker with limited features. But now, Photogrid is much more than that. It is now packed with fun new features such as WowCam ( Camera with face filters just like Snapchat ), Slideshow, 3D cards, Scrapbook and many more. Consumers who are so on into social media will definitely love Photogrid because of its cute features and new functionalities.

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Number 4 – PicsArt   


PicsArt has evolved throughout the years and it’s more than just a photo editor. It’s now becoming a social media platform where you can also share your edited pictures inside the app and put hashtags on the captions so people can like and comment. Even though the app’s evolving like Instagram, the editing capabilities of the app still shines with its wide range of options to choose from.

Don’t like Photogrid? PicsArt also has a built-in photo collage maker that offers more.

Download PicsArt from the Play store, click the button below.



Number 3 – Overlay

If you’re into creating images with quotes, Overlay is the photo editing app that you’ve been looking for. It features different tools such as adding typography-style texts, masks, overlays, borders and stickers. Want to get the most out of the app? there are in-app purchases to unlock more fonts to apply to your texts, overlays, shapes, patterns and more. Users who love posting typography photos on social media will definitely enjoy this app.

Download Overlay from the Play store, click the button below.



Number 2 – Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the popular photo editing app from the Play store that is developed by Google itself. The app offers professional editing features without in-app purchases which is a good thing. It also offers a clean UI but a bit confusing at first. However, you’ll actually get used to it from time to time while using the app. I think Snapseed is more focused on delivering more professional editing options, compared with other apps that comes with stickers and kiddie-style filters. The only drawback is that it’s sometimes slow but it only happens occasionally.

Download Snapseed from the Play store, click the button below.



Number 1 – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC


And last but not the least, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. If Snapseed is a bit more complicated for you, Lightroom CC is the right alternative. It also comes with a lot of professional photo editing tools but it’s user-friendly. There are also features in this app that you can also find in its desktop counterpart.

Lightroom CC has a built-in camera with a “professional capture mode” which resembles the pro camera found in Nokia smartphones. It is where you can manually adjust the shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus. This works as an advantage if your smartphone camera doesn’t have manual settings.

Apart from this, it also has in-app purchases to unlock more editing tools for you to enjoy.

Download Lightroom mobile from the Play store, click the button below.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC


If you tried these apps from our list, which one is the best photo editing app for you? Let us know in the comments below.




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