HMD Global held an event today in London to unveil the next phone of the Nokia Android lineup. Many predicted that the phone will be the Nokia 7.1 as rumors are spreading like wildfire about this phone. Today, the time has come to unveil Nokia’s next big thing.

And it seems like the rumors turn out to be true. The Nokia 7.1 is now official. The phone follows the same design language of the Nokia X series so to no surprise it has a notch. At first glance, the Nokia 7.1 looks the same with its predecessor. But wait until you discover HMD’s new technology called PureDisplay.


Nokia 7.1

The Nokia 7.1 is the first Nokia android phone to have PureDisplay. PureDisplay is an automatic adaptive screen technology to turn everything you see on screen into HDR. It can gradually turn your viewing experience into something immersive thanks to HDR10 support. Your regular SDR quality videos will be converted to HDR quality in real time, record HDR videos, view HDR quality videos from Youtube, Netflix, and other streaming video apps that supports HDR content.

Specs and Features

Nokia 7.1

The Nokia 7.1 shares almost the same specs with the Nokia 6.1 Plus except in the camera department. You can choose between 2 variants, 3GB/32GB or the 4GB/64GB with two colors to choose from “Gloss Midnight Blue” and “Gloss Steel”. The phone is powered with the Snapdragon 636 which is the same with the 6.1 Plus. The phone also has an SD card slot with up to 400GB support. It’s also part with the Android One program, so expect frequent updates for up to 3 years with the Nokia 7.1. Juho Sarvikas also said that the device will get Android 9 Pie later this year, as he shows a Nokia 7.1 on stage with an Android 9 Pie beta build so expect that the official update will come sooner.

Camera Tech

ZEISS lenses also made its way to the Nokia 7.1. If you’re not satisfied with the Nokia 5.1 Plus and 6.1 Plus because of its lack of Zeiss lenses, then the Nokia 7.1 is the right device for you. The rear camera is paired with a 12mp/5mp shooter with ZEISS optics. While the front facing camera is equipped with an 8mp fixed focus shooter without ZEISS. Since it’s ZEISS equipped device, Pro mode made its way to the camera app too. But not just that, you can also enjoy fun new features like an enhanced bokeh mode, 3D stickers, masks, and filters, thanks to its AI capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

The Nokia 7.1 is available for pre-order starting today for European customers. With the price tag starting at €299 – €349 depending on whatever variant you choose. Pre-orders for the rest of the world including the US will start next week. Luckily, European customers that don’t want to pre-order can get the device as early as this month depending on where they live. It’s a very smart move from HMD this time that they decided to launch the device on the US too.

You can watch the official promo video that Nokia Mobile uploaded to their Youtube account down below:

Now that the Nokia 7.1 has finally seen the light of day. What features do you like the most about the device? Let’s discuss down in the comments below.





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