Spotted Among The Rich and The Famous: Liverpool FC Owner John Henry’s Wife Favors Lumia 1020



Everyone loves Nokia’s Lumia 1020 – everyone, even one sexy, gorgeous wife of a big-time football club owner. Rumors? Nope, we have plain evidence of a yellow Lumia 1020’s upper class sighting in during a football game in Oslo, Norway. Want to know who is the owner of the said Lumia? Let’s find out.

We are talking about Linda Pizzuti, the new wife of John W. Henry, owner of the Liverpool Football Club and Boston Red Sox Baseball Team. She was caught on TV shooting photos of the Liverpool’s game in Oslo using a yellow Lumia 1020, with its black camera housing showing radiantly in the sun. Talking about high-profile appearances, the flagship device surely nailed it!

These TV sightings are good promotions for the Lumia 1020, especially sports events where large number people are surely watching the events. They might even get interested about Mrs. Henry’s new phone, for surely the wealthy only goes for the best stuff. Will it affect the sales of the handset? We’ll see in the coming sales report.

Meanwhile, in a recent Yankees vs. White Sox baseball match, a fan is also caught on TV snapping photos with another yellow variant of 1020. It surely is a popular color among the 3 variants. I hope Nokia will release new colors for it in the coming months; vibrant colors had been the Lumia’s trademark, and it is far more attractive than the plain black or white variants, honestly speaking.



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