The Windows Phone version of Sega’s popular smartphone game Sonic Dash received a new update this week to bring more excitement in every run that Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends made. This will be the second update for the endless running game, with the first one published December 2014. What’s new? Find out in the change log list below.

Version 2.1 of Sonic Dash is bringing more upgrades to the game, such as:

  • NEW DASH! Dash to double your multiplier and smash through scenery for extra points!
  • EVEN MORE RINGS! The Banking Bonus multiplies the rings you’ve collected! The more you run, the higher the bonus!
  • MORE CHARACTER UPGRADES! Max out each of your characters!
  • MORE MISSIONS! New missions with better rewards!
  • Plus loads of refinements and fixes.

Download or update the game now and run faster than the wind with Sonic Dash!





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