I never thought I’ll be hooked up with Sonic Dash, but ever since Sega released the endless running game featuring their popular video game character and mascot Sonic the Hedgehog to Windows Phone earlier this month, I played it more frequently compared to Subway Surfers and Minion Rush. But although Sonic Dash is indeed a great game, there are still issues that should be fixed, as well as some adjustments to the gameplay that needs to be done. It seems that Sega had noticed the problems, which led them to release a major update!

Sonic Dash is now updated to Version 2.0! What’s new? Check out the change log below:

  • NEW LOOK! A slick new interface makes it easier to view your progress and get into the game quicker!
  • FASTER! Improved loading times gets you Dashing sooner!
  • IMPROVED MISSIONS! Missions have been dusted off and updated, with more on the way!
  • MORE RINGS! Bank your rings when you hit any spring! Collect more rings than ever!
  • DAILY REWARDS! Start the game and win a free prize from us each day! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a better one!

The most noticeable change after the update is the new interface. The new look is much better and more striking than the previous one, and options like Rewards and Shop is easier to access now. Missions are much easier to complete as well, and you can always bank rings in every spring jump to avoid losing them in the middle of the game. For starters, it’s also great news that you can now use one other character aside from Sonic for free – play as Silver the Hedgehog without the need to purchase! The game is also faster and has fewer crashes, thanks to the bug fixes!

Grab the latest update for Sonic Dash now!





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