Now that Microsoft is in charge of the excellent team that brought us amazing Nokia phones and accessories, we expect more from the company as they add their own innovation to future devices. In fact, they had already started working on the gadgets, as they released the slimmer version of the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) to the market!

The new accessory is called Nokia Treasure Tag Mini WS-10 and it had already appeared in the Nokia website, which proves that this is not just a rumor. Compared to the earlier version, Microsoft had worked on changing some of the features of the Tag, which includes:


  • Slimmer body. The Treasure Tag Mini still has a 30mm x 30mm size, but the thickness had been reduced to 5.8mm. The new Tag is also lighter at 6.2g, which is much better especially if you will attach it to smaller objects like keys.
  • Added support to other platforms. The Treasure Tag Mini works well with Lumia devices with Bluetooth 4.0, but they also added support for iOS and Android so that the accessory is also functional on other smartphone brands.
  • Less expensive. The Mini version of the Tag is said to cause half of the price of its older brother, but we have to check for the exact amount.
  • Better design. The loop extending from the body of the earlier Tag was removed, and was replaced by a hole where you can attach any cord holding your important belongings.

Becoming Mini also has its drawbacks:

  • No NFC feature. Having a thinner body means having to remove certain features. It appears that the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini lacks NFC tagging based on the specs in the website. We think it’s a minor loss, though.
  • Limited colors. The Treasure Tag Mini is only available in red and white variants – limited choices compared to the earlier Tag which you can purchase in blue, yellow, black, and white variants.
  • Shorter standby time. The Nokia Treasure Tag offers 180 days of maximum standby time with battery capacity of 220 mAh. The Mini version is down to only 120 days with only 70 mAh stored inside the battery.
  • No Tones. Based on the specs from the website, the Mini version of the Tag doesn’t have tones that will alarm users when something is missing. Could this be true?

It’s all up to the users as to which of the two version of the Nokia Treasure Tag are they going to purchase. How about you, which one do you like better? Share your thoughts below!




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