Shine Bright Like a Lumia Moon! Launch Date of Zoom Reinvented in Australia Teased


Lumia Moon

Every Nokia fan is surely excited with the arrival of the Lumia 1020 – the new flagship device that has “Reinvented Zoom” with its amazing Pureview Camera Technology. With its numerous victories in comparison reviews with other camera smartphones, “Nothing else comes close” to this beautiful masterpiece. Lots of tagline, eh? Well, the Nokia branch in the land “Down Under” teased the arrival of the Lumia 1020 in a more creative and unique way! How? Read further to find out.

Lumia Moon

The said teaser was posted recently in the Nokia Australia Facebook Page, a photo of a moon with a question mark, with the caption of the first “Lumia Moon” to come Sydney. Apparently, Guy Wood-Bradley, a resident from Melbourne, has tweeted the connection of the said teaser with a previous moon photo shot on a Nokia Pureview 808. Of course, one thing we know is that the only phone that can match 808’s camera capabilities is its successor, the Lumia 1020 – both sporting the 41MP Pureview camera, both handsets are known to take high quality photos. Another obvious hint is the “Lumia” word, which already explains itself. Nice teaser, Nokia Australia. Very nice.

Lumia Moon Tweet

The caption further states that “only two moons to go” before Lumia 1020 arrives in the Australian shores. So, astronomically, that would be two months from now! To our Aussie friends, you have some exciting event this October! With all the great tourist spots in the country, it will put the amazing camera of 1020 to good use!

To our fellow Filipino readers, the Lumia 1020 is expected to arrive by the end of the year. We’ll keep you updated with latest news on Nokia and Lumia. Keep reading!



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