Rumors Alert: Nokia Martini – A New Lumia Windows Phone 8.1?



We finally made it through the recently concluded 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) and experienced Nokia’s series of amazing surprises. New phones, new apps, new competitions, and new awards – that’s definitely a lot of new stuff shared by and given to Nokia during the prestigious event in Barcelona (see our wrap-up article of MWC HERE). But have you realized that two of @evleaks’ five codenames we shared a couple of months ago were actually revealed during the first Nokia keynote in MWC? And not only that, our trusted leak master has a new codename to puzzle us once more – want to know what it is? Read further to find out.

First, for the revealed devices. We are very much familiar with Normandy, right? As we all know, it is now popularly known by its proper name, Nokia X. Meanwhile, the new Asha 230 is none other than Spinel, another @evleaks Nokia codename. So far, we have three remaining codenames left to discover: Moneypenny, Goldfinger, and Phantom. Based on the image render also from the same source, Moneypenny will be the first Windows Phone with two variants based on SIM support, the Lumia 630 (single-SIM) and Lumia 635 (dual-SIM). Furthermore, Moneypenny and Goldfinger is believed to be the first Lumia smartphones that will run on Windows Phone 8.1. What’s left now is Phantom – what could this device be?

Let’s add a new codename to our shortlist, as @evleaks posted this on Twitter:

Martini – nice name, yet it doesn’t reveal much about what this new WP 8.1 smartphone has to offer to users. Well, that’s the purpose of codenames, right? To hide the true identity. Anyways, give @evleaks a few more days or weeks and I’m sure we’ll have an image render of Martini in no time. So for now, let’s wait and see.



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