Rumor: Nokia to Unveil Solar-Charging Phone Screens at MWC 2013?



We’ve heard that Nokia has been experimenting on solar charging for the past years to be incorporated into mobile phones. As a matter of fact, Nokia has released a portable solar chargers in Kenya where electricity is insufficient but this time would be different. It is rumored that Nokia will now release phones that are capable of solar charging straight from its screen.
According to sources,  Nokia will be one of the partners of Wysips – a company who is developing on solar charging technology which can be integrated into the screen of a phone to extend battery life up to 20%.


Mathieu de Broca, project manager of  Wysips, explained that the phone is designed by placing a membrane composed of semi-cylindrical lenses between the screen itself and the device. This would make a permanent recharge by sunlight or with an artificial light.

The company also said that the first models equipped with this technology would be unveiled this autumn. Based on the time frame, its sounds like this will be launch at MWC 2103. which could confirm the thesis presented at MWC. It also confirms that an agreement has been signed with a manufacturer of mobile phones but its name is today confidential.

Nokia has been working also on quantum processors, nano technology, graphene materials and now with solar charging screens. Nokia never fails to deliver innovation at its best. Do you guys think, solar charging on mobile phones is a necessity?

Source: MONWP


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