There’s no denying it – the Nokia brand of mobile phones and smartphones we’ve grown to love is finally making its full comeback. While the impact of their presence may not as widespread just like Apple or Samsung, we’re seeing HMD Global’s line of devices gaining traction in most smartphone markets across the globe, especially for those who favor low-cost handsets over expensive competitors. One of the research directors from global industry analysis firm Counterpoint was quick to share their findings on Nokia’s recent success on various markets last Q4 2017.

Neil Shah posted some amazing updates on how well HMD Global’s mobile devices (both feature phones and smartphones) had performed over the last quarter of 2017:

He also shared his insights on the Nokia branding’s status in India, which is one of the largest phones markets currently in existence:

It was not surprising that Nokia-branded feature phones and smartphones are performing in the same countries where Lumia smartphones had once received positive responses from consumers. At this point, we can safely conclude that HMD Global’s success in those markets are a combination of strategic pricing, innovative promotions, and nostalgia of the consumers who, once and are still, loving Nokia phones. India had been a great supporter of low-budget devices and I agree with what was mentioned above – conquering the phone markets of the Indian peninsula will surely change the game in favor of HMD Global and Nokia Mobile.

2018 is a bright opportunity for HMD Global. With Mobile World Congress in two weeks’ time, we might finally see the mobile handsets which will finally help our trusted Nokia brand get the upper hand in the competition.




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