Earlier we reported that Nokia’s ultimate flagship has been accidentally revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and some specs were revealed as well. Dubbed as ‘Nokia 8’,  this device comes into two versions. The powerful version carries a Snapdragon 835 chipset with 6GB RAM, 24 MP OIS + EIS primary camera. A huge 12 MP selfie snapper and dual front-facing speaker.

One feature that is quite interesting is the EIS. We are all aware of the goodness of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) in the smartphone imaging capabilities. It has been widely used in most flagship devices as it stabilizes the recorded image by varying the optical path to the sensor. It results to  less shaky videos and still images. However, it is still far from being perfect.

What is EIS?

Electronic image stabilization (EIS) is an image enhancement technique using electronic processing. EIS minimizes blurring and compensates for device shake, often a camera. More technically, this technique is referred to as pan and slant, which is the angular movement corresponding to pitch and yaw. It determines whether the motion was a moving object or an unwanted shake and makes the required correction.

So, imagine your Nokia phone having both OIS and EIS, the image and video results should be stunning as ever. Watch this video and see how OIS+EIS perfoms on the Nokia 8.

NOTE: This is an unofficial device maybe used for promotional purposes. Take this as a pinch of salt.




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