Nokia is widely recognized for services excelling at giving a consistently staggering performance and quality, as well as, in some cases, producing good designs. However, they are yet to build a reputation as “technology disruptors”. The staff at over Nokia is currently working diligently to make changes in the top international businesses. They wish to enable the extreme—world’s primary applications in resistant locations. To create the technology that links people together, Nokia has come closer to such possibilities through paramount undertaking in logistics and production.

Lunar Networking 

Along with the planning partners at Vodafone, Nokia is onboarding a mission to create the very first LTE network in the world that is lunar, on Telstar 1, a space satellite estate. This network is said to sustain even a rough and tough moonscape. By impelling the engineering spirit at Nokia, Mission to the Moon allows the network to survive a heat over 160°C, strong and harsh radiations of the sun and dust that is a thousand times lighter than that of the earth.

Together with Google X, now known to be X, Nokia presents forth a Project Loon venturing across the skies. This network features gas-filled balloons, travelling with heavy winds towards the remote as well as rural parts on earth. Apart from their elegant and appealing appearances, these balloons yield advantages that lead to the welfare of people without internet facilities. Both economically and socially, this project kindles connections and associations.

Airline Advancements 

Nokia was at the service of Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria caused major damages in the past year, by aiding AT&T, T-Mobile and Project Loon. The balloons are set to work on solar power, panels, and batteries. Also developing the airline industry, Nokia is producing exclusive sky to earth 4G mobile communication standard networks.

In the span of 8 years, Nokia is collaborating with Deutsche Telekom, for all of Europe’s air-travelling. With a provision that yields utmost viable bandwidth, low latency, smooth speed, even availability, and lightweight, Nokia’s broadband services, in 28 European countries at 30,000 feet, gives the commuters a surreal experience.

Communications Beyond the Sea

 Nokia’s fiber optic cables rugged under water are a proficient and sustainable method for the world’s inhabitants to use high-speed communication services. Having almost 6 hundred thousand kilometers of cables, Nokia is the globe’s biggest supplier of the network through cables. They have a fleet of seven ships that transport supreme engine thrusts and power along with vital positioning tools that have the capability to work in radical weather situations.

Off-shore scientific resource centers and observatories with gas and oil supplies are also provided with Nokia’s network that requires robust, dependable and well-founded services.

Nokia’s recently developed 5G networking services are flourishing rapidly through distinctive and newly found architectural creations. They aim to deliver lower latency and at hand technology like hotspots. By giving extraordinary services with developments in architectural areas as well as radio systems, they wish to sustain usage in all severe and needy instances.

Whether you require connectivity for a fact that you must verify on top a hill, or in an aeroplane to play scratch cards, Nokia’s engineering services have got your back!




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