Nokia believes that in every photo captured by their Lumia smartphones, a special moment is preserved. From those simple activities in our everyday routine to memorable, once-in-a-lifetime events, each of our pictures tells us something that words usually cannot expressed. And we don’t just settle to taking one or two photos – we busy ourselves with the camera button to get visual representations as accurate as possible. Putting all these photos together creates an interesting story – a tale needed to be told. Nokia wants to be a part of your life’s story – and so, Nokia Storyteller was born.


As one of the new Nokia photography apps presented in the Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi, the Nokia Storyteller is another unique way to tell stories using the photo and other media files captured on your PureView camera. You may think that it’s just the same as the way photos are now save in your Lumia’s Photo Hub, but it’s definitely different. As the name of the app says, it is a storyteller – and a storyteller is not complete without mentioning time and place where the event happened. In this app, photos, videos, and other media files are sorted into an amazing timeline, with certain sets of files arranged into “stories”. These stories are also arranged by time and location; in terms of location, the photos will be sorted to the places where it was taken and can be seen in a map, as HERE maps is integrated in Nokia Storyteller.


Otto Pulkkinen, Lead Program Manager for Nokia Lumia, talks about the amazing functions of the Storyteller in his interview with Nokia Conversations.

“With increasingly powerful cameras and camera applications, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to organise their images and to share their experiences in detail. There are various tools to organise images, but most involve lots of manual sorting, which restricts their use… With Nokia Storyteller, we wanted to create a more integrated experience.”

“When I go travelling, I now tend to really think about the story, and think about snapping an interesting detail here or there. When combined with the timeline and maps, it makes a nice collection and has a nice story to tell with family and friends.”


From simply arranging photos into albums, Nokia had brought a new experience to smartphone users with the Nokia Storyteller. With this app, you can definitely tell a complete story to everyone by just browsing the photos. I love how Nokia makes use of own resources to come up a totally different product. The whole imaging experience now doesn’t stop with simply taking high-quality photos – it’s where it will actually start! The Nokia Storyteller is an excellent addition to the variety of Nokia photo apps we have today, which includes Nokia Camera, Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, Glam Me, and Panorama. This set of apps tells us that the company is truly dedicated to connecting people, not only through calls and texts, but with stories told by photos as well.

To have a good idea of what Nokia Storyteller can do to your amazing photos, watch the video below:


Source: Nokia Conversations




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