Nokia Pureview trademark has made its way back home.

Nokia has revolutionized the smartphone industry ten years ago. Through its countless unique designs, tank-like build quality and vast device portfolio, it has captured billions of customers worldwide.

Apart from this, the brand has also been known for making great camera phones. Their partnership with Zeiss optics was ground breaking in early 2000’s. This gave birth to the popular N-series running on Symbian operating system.

What is PureView?

In 2012, the Finnish company has introduced another breakthrough in smartphone imaging called PureView. This innovation uses pixel oversampling technique, a combination of many sensor pixels into one image pixel. It has delivered great quality photos at par with some DSLR cameras.  It dispenses with the usual scaling/interpolation model of digital zoom used in virtually all smartphones. In both video and stills, this technique provides greater zoom levels as the output picture size reduces, enabling 4× lossless zoom in full HD 1080p video, 6× lossless zoom for 720p HD. Optical image stabilization is also present to nullify shaking of hands when taking a photo and to allow significantly more light to enter the sensor for better low light photos. It also has an adjustable shutter speed of up to 1/16,000 s.

PureView enabled smartphones have enjoyed universal critical praise as among the best smartphone cameras in the market and have the brand’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries in imaging technology have spawned prime examples such as the 41 megapixel Nokia 808 and the Nokia Lumia 1020 which still possess the highest resolution image sensor in any smartphone that have been released to date.

PureView revolution

The Nokia 808 PureView was the first of its kind sporting a very high-resolution 41 MP image sensor with Carl Zeiss optics. This is the first smartphone that can perform lossless zoom sans lack of bulky optical zoom in many digital cameras.

nokia pureview

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The second phase of PureView focuses on low light capabilities without the need of a huge sensor. This was implemented on the Nokia Lumia 920 which only has 8MP. However, it packs a custom OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) with closed loop electronics and gyroscope input. This stabilizes small movements for up to 500 times a second.

In 2013, the Nokia Lumia 1020, dubbed as the world’s best imaging smartphone, was unveiled. This device combines the power of both PureView phase 1 and 2. This means that it offers pixel oversampling technique, lossless zoom and OIS for low light shots. It also has two ball bearings that dampens hand movements to produce a distortion free video and photos.

PureView returns

Nokia smartphones have returned to the consumer market last year. Through the Nokia 8, the Finnish company has fulfilled the hopes of its fans through its partnership with Zeiss. However, it was kept criticized due to lack of PureView technology. We all know that Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division in 2013. This is the reason why HMD cannot use certain trademark such as PureView.

Great news for Nokia fans! It appears that the ownership has now been transferred to HMD. The PureView trademark was officially transferred to HMD Global on August 23 based on the EUIPO (European Union’s Intellectual Property Office) site.

Based from reliable source, HMD has been working on acquiring PureView since last year. Chances are, we could see a flagship device with PureView before the end of this year. This would be an exciting surprise for Nokia fans.

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