Communicating with our loved ones had been made extremely easy in modern times thanks to the development of mobile phones. Unlike before when it’s so hard to ease homesickness, we can now use our phones (smartphones, in particular) to call, text, or even see our family and friends ever day even when we are far away from each other. What a great time to live!

But while we relied too much on smartphones to keep in touch, nothing can replace the immense feeling of happiness and joy of being physically together especially with the upcoming holidays. This is what Nokia Mobile wants us to feel with their new TV commercial that was posted this week in their official YouTube channel. Watch it below and let the emotions run high in your heart:

From a brand that had always valued the importance of “connecting to people”, it’s amazing that the above commercial doesn’t focus only on promoting Nokia smartphones.  I love how the company had kept the tradition of creating heartwarming ads that really speaks out what we need the most. It’s not just about selling the products, but delivering the best way to stay connected and letting the consumers express their love for the people around them.




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