Nokia 8110 4G is the latest feature phone designed by HMD Global to capture the 1.3 billion feature phone users around the globe. It was announced on February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This device is a revival of the original Nokia 8110, which was popularly known as the “Matrix phone”.

The Nokia 8110 is one of its kind when it’s first released back in 1996. It’s the first phone to feature a ‘slider’ form factor that covers the keypad and doubles as a mechanism to answer phone calls.

Last year, the Nokia 3310 was a massive period. It created a huge wave of nostalgia worldwide. It was a commercial success, and this proves that people still love using feature phones as their backup companion or primary phone.

This year another icon has risen to steal our nostalgic hearts again. Much like the original, the new Nokia 8110 4G has a curved protective cover you can slide open to pick up calls and slide back to end them. It’s very easy to use, simple and no dramas.

Let’s dive in to the Nokia 8110 4G initial impressions.

At a glance

The Nokia 8110 4G looks very attractive especially in yellow. It reminds me of a banana. The design gives so much comfort into your hands, it’s a mixture of sleekness and elegance. The unique shape also means you can spin the phone in ways you never imagined.

Holding the phone feels solid just like last year’s Nokia 3310. The polycarbonate build doesn’t feel slippery and gives a better grip. It’s also a bliss to see a headphone jack on this phone so you can still use conventional earphones.

The phone runs a modified version of KaiOS named “Smart Feature OS” and it’s packed with all the essentials you’ll need. There’s also an app store where you can download additional apps and games for your disposal. Things like FM Radio, Unit converter, Voice recorder, Browser, and other features that you can find in a feature phone are also present.

Nokia 8110

Sliding down the cover to answer calls is one of 8110’s unique features and it comes pretty handy especially when you’re on the go. You’re in a rush and your phone is ringing? Answer the call as easy as swiping down the cover just like swiping your sweat away.

Nokia 8110

Initial Impressions

The banana phone brings back so much memories when you first saw it. It gives you a refreshing feel and nostalgia. It might not be as iconic as the 3310, but the 8110 certainly leaves a great potential. This has features that makes it more decent as a secondary phone, plus the design will bring a smile to your face.

We initially love what we saw in the Nokia 8110 4G however it isn’t as cheap as the 3310. It is priced at €79 (around £70, $100, 3,990 PHP) but you’ll get extra features such as 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot. Full review will be posted in the coming weeks so stay tuned. Are you considering of getting the Nokia 8110 4G as your backup companion? Let us know in the comments below.




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