The Nokia 8 has recently received the much awaited Nokia Pro camera OTA update. This new camera update brings more features that will benefit your photography needs. It carries almost the same UI we’ve seen on Nokia Lumia devices in the past. But with added features such as PIP and Bothie mode, built-in watermark and more.

One significant feature we’ve seen is the updated Slow Motion video capture. It can now record motion video and audio simultaneously, similar to the iPhone devices. It also has the Bokeh effect using its front camera which previously works only on its rear. In terms of photo capture, the Nokia 8 can now take faster photos and better image quality, especially on low-light.

As you can see, there’s a significant improvement on the overall image quality of the Nokia 8 using the Pro camera. We are expecting that you should have this update by now. Please share us a comment below if you have received the update or not and which country are you from. Cheers!




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