Towards the end of 2017, we finally felt all the love coming to Nokia smartphones. Several well-known tech websites had recognized the awesomeness of the handsets created by HMD Global under the trusted Finnish mobile branded. Despite the existence of tough competition such as the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, Nokia devices (particularly the Nokia 6 and 8) were hailed as “Smartphone of the Year” by Forbes, GSMArena, and AndroidAuthority, to name a few. Now’s let us add one more award to the list, coming from YouTuber JerryRigEverything!

Remember our article about Nokia 8 smartphones undergoing various cringy durability tests? The Youtuber behind those tests is back with another video recognizing the most durable smartphones he had tested in 2017. And his choice for the Most Durable Smartphone of 2017? Nokia 6, of course!

Highlighting the importance of having a metal body, JerryRigEverything mentioned that the Nokia 6 was “the most rigid phone” he’d ever tested so far in his channel. And who can deny it, when we’ve watched with awe as he did a series of cringy test to our beloved midranger. Nokia 6 deserves this win and we thank JerryRigEverything for recognizing its durability!

Find out more of what he has to say about the Nokia 6 on the video below:




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