The new Nokia 6 , also known as Nokia 6.1, is the second generation of the best-selling Nokia Android smartphone. This device offers new design, more powerful internals and camera compared to its predecessor. With a price around 300 USD, you’ll get a 5.5 inch Full HD display, Gorilla Glass 3, Snapdragon 630, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, USB Type C and Zeiss optics camera. Best of all, it is made up of series 6000 solid block of aluminum which makes it one of the toughest smartphones alive.

The Nokia 6.1 carries flagship features such as Dual Sight technology. This allows you to capture photos and videos using front and rear cameras, simultaneously. It also has spatial audio capture also known as ‘OZO audio’ for that surround sound experience.

In terms of its software, this affordable smartphone is a certified Android One device. It means that you will get the best Android experience, most secure and with 3-years free upgrade. So when you buy the 6.1, you will get the Android P upgrade this year and what comes after that.

Nokia boasts of quality on this device. Though it sounds good in paper, its always best that we see things in action. Jerry Rig, once again, did his own durability test on the Nokia 6.1 and let’s find out if it survives.

Nokia 6.1 durability test video

True to its promise, Nokia is always consistent when it comes to build quality. The Finnish mobile phone maker has known for making phones that we can always rely on. Even after two decades, the Nokia brand still resonates up to this generation. A brand that means Quality and continuously Connecting People.

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