Today, was a big day for all Xbox One fans. Microsoft reveals a handful of exciting news at the this year’s E3 event. Plenty of new games this year (and some to be released next year), the Xbox Project Scorpio and the highlight of the event, the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S is the slimmer and sleeker version of the Xbox One. It is 40% smaller than the current console. The team managed to integrate the power supply to eliminate the heavy power brick that comes with it. And a cherry on top is an IR blaster.

The new Xbox One will be available with 2TB of internal storage (the special edition), a 500GB variant and a 1TB variant. It comes with a new controller that has textured grip and Bluetooth so you will easily be able to play games on your Windows 10 PC. You can also avail a vertical stand for only $19.99.

Microsoft  is adding High Dynamic Range Gaming support with the Xbox One S, which means that there will be a much wider and richer range of colors on display. In addition to that, it powers 4K Ultra HD Video playback for videos and content from the Windows Store/Xbox Store which will be pretty nice if you happen to own a 4K TV or monitor.

Microsoft will sell a special edition that includes a 2TB hard drive for $399, while the 500GB edition will be available for $299 and the 1TB variant will be available for $349 in August.




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