Microsoft has just announced Paint 3D, an update to its long-standing art creation program for Windows that makes it easy to create 3D art for everyone.

The all-new Paint 3D makes it easy to create in 3D from scratch. If you’re one of the 100+ million people who use and love Paint every month, you already know how easy it is. The same simple ethos that has always characterized Paint runs through the all new Paint 3D experience – allowing anyone to quickly and easily create in a new dimension. Your brushes now work directly on 3D and even your favorite photos become stickers on 3D models.

This includes a new destination for sharing creations called Remix 3D. Included in the update is a way to export 3D creations directly from Minecraft and 3D print them if you have a printer.

The update also includes a partnership with SketchUp, which is a 3D creation community which already has millions of users on its platform. This should help make it easy for Paint 3D users to grab 3D objects made available by the community to integrate them into their own creations in the desktop app.




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