Making a Name for Nokia: Lumia Brothers 520 and 521 Tops Amazon’s Non-Contract Phones’ Best Sellers List!



It cannot be denied that Nokia’s recent success in the smartphone business venture depended largely on the success of its low-cost Lumia WP8 handsets, particularly the Lumia 520. Though cheapest of all in the series, it still keeps all the features offered by Nokia and Microsoft, particularly the Photography apps, the HERE maps, and the MS Office tools, making it a sure hit to developing countries. We have previously reported Lumia 520’s popularity in India, as well as its top ranks in all three major telecom companies in Finland. This time, the handset and its brother, the 4G-capable Lumia 521 placed 3rd and 1st respectively in the’s Best Sellers!

Amazon 520, the largest online retailer in the world, based its Best Sellers ranking on how well the product had performed in the market as seen on its sales. In the No-Contract Cell Phone Department, the Lumia 521, the 4G-ready variant of the Lumia 520 specially made for T-Mobile US, had topped the Best-Sellers List. The 520, on the other hand, made it to the 3rd spot, with a Samsung phone in between the two at 2nd place. More good news as the two Lumia device outshined more known handsets from Samsung (SII and SIII), as well the low-end smartphones of LG.

In the Contract Cell Phone Department, the Verizon-exclusive Lumia 928, both the black and white variants, are on the 8th and 10th place, followed by the ZoomReinvented Lumia 1020 on the 13th, and surprisingly, the Lumia 900, placed at 15th.

While the low-cost Lumia handsets are received positively, more promotions may come in handy for the high-end devices – or perhaps, adjustments to the pricing may even do some good. However, Nokia’s strategy of making a variety of smartphones aiming to target different kinds of consumers is a tried-and-tested method. The Lumia 925 and 1020 are new releases, so its performance might probably reflect in the last quarter report. Another new Lumia, the 625, is foreseen to be another top-seller, as it expands the current Nokia low-budget market with its 4G-capability. But, for now, let’s celebrate for another victory of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. Cheers to Lumia 520!

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Update: Lumia 520 now on 2nd Place in No-Contract Cell Phone Department


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