The southern capital of Finland, Helsinki is the motivation for many due to its unified societal relations amongst its inhabitants, that keeps its manner and corporeality intact with continuous development. The surroundings and the feelings rise at the time when Helsinki Design Week is resting around the corner, taking everyone on a journey in its vitality.

The cultural remembrances, leaving a trace on each of its participant, as well as the town’s never-ending emphasis on building a communal design that is effective for the welfare of the society, exhibit a true benefaction for Helsinki’s lifestyle.

Nokia’s Associations with Helsinki

 Having laboured with the city for several years, Nokia’s continuous collaborations have a distinctive impact on many. Nokia also services in several projects, many-a-times teaming up with the operator Elisa. In cooperation with Ornamo Art and Design Finland, a designing business, Nokia sets its wishes to partner up with many more. They hope to produce that which depicts significance given to designing, and that which maintains their organizational vision and thus carry various compelling technological advancements for the city’s people.

Nokia’s initiation of a tournament to search for artists and designers wishing to have a key role in building 5G networks will result in many different compositions for a newly discovered base station, that is going to be located all around the city. Due to this, the designs will have to be stunning in appearances.

5G Influenced City

 A city that powered by 5G will indefinitely have a faster broadband network service, and by extension, a quicker internet accessibility. There is a wider range of possibility with a city working on 5G. An operating example remains to be the at the University of Helsinki, known as Kumpula Campus Urban Sense project. Here, they are experimenting plans for a large-scale detection of air quality.

Manner and Corporeality

 Conducting technical tests and trials are known to be much easier, by using a standard base station. However, the whole idea of this network proves to extract constructive feedback, as well as to locate, plan and thus expand the hard-work, available and interactive for the public.

Since manner and corporeality are significant for the development of this project in the city of Helsinki, the designs resulting to be the outcome of the project will remind the people of their city’s atmosphere. Similarities in appearances to the city must be a by-product of the designs, along with the operability.

Nokia’s rigorous practices to locate people from the globe to grow the city of Helsinki into a technologically advanced place to accommodate oneself. They are finding researchers, designers, planners and engineers who can contribute as benefactors to Helsinki.

This competition, and by far Nokia, is susceptible to every participant. It will end by the November 14, with details available online. For an urbanized architectural design, the top three winners will receive a prize of €35.000, as funded by the city, Helsinki, Nokia itself and their collaborator Elisa.

With a prize this huge, you can transform your interests like building your personal library, playing online casino games, or even continuing designing as your career, into reality. It is tough to sit still after such a rewarding competition for oneself and the community of Helsinki!




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