Two days ago, we shared the story about Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh had attempted to set the record for the World’s Largest Selfie – using none other than the ultimate selfie phone, the Nokia Lumia 730. Although there was no official confirmation from Guinness yet, many tech blogs and websites had featured the event; 1,151 people in one gigantic selfie is a really big deal after all. What’s more, the local Microsoft branch even created a music video dedicated to the promotion of the Lumia 730. Check out Let’s Selfie by Raef Al Hasan Rafa below and step into the rhythm.

Even though the song was in Bengali, you’ll easily get the message of this amazing music video: the love for selfies! Most people today always take selfies wherever they go and whatever they do. From waking up in the morning, to hanging out with friends, while traveling in a busy road – the possibilities for taking self portraits are endless! Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh really did a great job on promoting the Nokia Lumia 730 with the world record attempt and this catchy music video!

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