Nokia-branded smartphones are known to be very durable devices. In fact, we’ve written a few articles as to how some Nokia phones saved a man’s life from a collapsed wall, protected another guy from gunshot, and survived multiple drop and spill tests which were posted online. The old Nokia 3310 itself became famous for being “indestructible”, with memes depicting just how strong the mobile phone was. So, with the release of the new Nokia smartphones from HMD Global, particularly the first high-end flagship Nokia 8, there is a lot of expectation coming from consumers. These new breed of Nokia handsets – were they able to inherit the awesome durability their ancestors were known for? Let’s find out from this new YouTube video which will definitely make you cringe, especially if you are currently dreaming of owning a Nokia 8.

JerryRigEverything is a popular YouTube channel known to review gadgets and phones by performing extreme durability and teardown videos. It appears that with the Nokia 8 finally unveiled with the promise of being “built to last”, the guy behind the channel could not resist testing the smartphone to check if it indeed inherit the legacy of durability and quality from old Nokia phones. The results? Check out the video below:

Yes, the Nokia 8 conquered the torture test with only a few scratches, which kept the smartphone functionality intact. This came as no surprise, as the handset was constructed with the word “indestructible” in mind. Having a well-designed body created from a single block of 6000 series aluminum protecting its rear and a display protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the Nokia 8 survived various intensities of scratch tests, a fire ignited from a lighter facing the front screen, and bend test performed with the intent of breaking a smartphone apart. Quite a cringy video indeed, especially when the metal back and plastic sides were being scratched and scraped out (what a waste!). But overall, we believe the HMD Global did a fantastic job in creating the Nokia 8, showing the world that they have continued applying Nokia’s innovation of quality in their new batch of handsets.

As a bonus, here are other videos from JerryRigEverything, featuring the Nokia 6, Nokia3, and the Nokia 3310 (no Nokia 5 guys, sorry!)




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