Man sitting at his desk using a HP EliteDisplay S270c Curved Monitor and HP Ultrathin Wireless Mouse while his HP Elite x3 charges on a HP Desk Dock.

One of the great addition to a number of cool features with the HP Elite x3 is HP Workspace. It simplifies delivery of business-critical applications to mobile users with a turnkey application virtualization service. With HP Workspace, virtualize any 32 or 64-bit Windows desktop application, a quick tap on the HP Elite x3’s start screen gives employees immediate access to your company’s curated application catalog. No training is required and no software needs to be downloaded to the device. If you are a business or corporate user, it works similarly to a Citrix virtual-desktop experience.

In addition, HP Workspace not helps you virtualize your business-critical applications so you can focus your IT resources on more strategic initiatives, it delivers valuable insights to inform your IT investments. To further visualize how it works, please watch the video below.

HP offers you two types of Service Offerings with the HP Workspace. Per-user service licenses available in 1,2 and 3 year term SKUs.

hp-workspace-costHP Workspace requires purchase of any HP Elite x3 bundle which includes an HP Elite Desk Dock or HP Elite Lap Dock. For more information, you may click here.




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