How to Flash your Nokia device via Phoenix USB Dead Flashing (links updated)

Flashing your phone is not an easy thing for an average mobile user. But if you can follow steps carefully then its gonna be a breeze. I was also hesitant before to flash my Nokia N8 via Phoenix but now flashing my device has never been so difficult. Flashing refers to updating your device firmware(or internal Operating system) or to unlock and debrand. Nokia phoenix is service software by which you can restore and flash a firmware. This is not intended for consumers though. Disclaimer: Nokia Revolution is not liable for any damage will cause to your device. So read instructions carefully. If you have doubts, you can put a comment here or join our Facebook group for a quicker response.


  • Can be used to restore a dead phone by unsuccessful software update or flashing.
  • Can be used to update your device with the latest firmware from Navifirm when your region doesn’t support the updates or not yet available. (NAVIFIRM is the ultimate all-purpose tool for downloading Nokia firmware images, obtaining lists of product codes, and finding the right product code for your phone. NAVIFIRM downloads all this straight from Nokia’s servers so you don’t have to wait for people to post data packages and lists of product codes.)
  • Can be used to flash your device using a Cooked Firmware (CFW) compatible with your device.

On this tutorial, I will provide a step by step instruction on how to flash your device using DEAD USB FLASHING. I have tested this with Symbian^3/Nokia Belle devices. Dead USB flashing makes a clean and bug free flashing of your firmware. You can use this to flash your device using a CFW or an Original Firmware (OFW)


  • Make sure your device has sufficient battery power. Dead USB flashing works when your device is OFF but needs enough battery power when flashing is done and your device is ready to reboot.
  • Firmware files – these are CFW or OFW files. You can get the Original Firmware files via Navifirm. Download Navifirm here. For Cooked Firmware, just search it on Google. There are a lot of CFWs in the net but I personally use CFW by The One (he is a good friend of mine). His CFWs are made of stability and speed without sacrificing the battery life. He has CFWs for Nokia X7, N8 and Pureview 808. Click here.
  • Phoenix software, Click here
  • USB cable for your device
  • Make a back up your files
  • Take out your microSD card

FOR A BUG FREE FLASHING Before you begin flashing your device. This should be performed for a clean and bug free flashing.

  • While your device is on, plug the USB cable to your device and to your PC and initiate Mass Storage mode.
  • Delete folders on E:/ such as private, sys, system and resource
  • Format your E:/ drive. I use this formatting tool. Click here. Just click on Full Erase ON.
  • After formatting your drive, press *#7370# on your home screen. Just click YES to delete all files. It will restart your device, but as soon as you see the Nokia logo press and hold the Power button until it vibrates to OFF.

Lets Start!

Before flashing, Make sure that the Firmware files are placed into path C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-596 RM folder number will correspond to the RM number of your device. RM-596 is for Nokia N8.

  1. Connect your device via USB cable and make sure it’s turned OFF. Run Phoenix software. Select “NO CONNECTION” as connection type.
  2. Click File then select “Open Product”
  3. A window will appear, select the device model and the corresponding product code of your phone. To find your product code – Press *#0000# on your dialer while your mobile device is on.
  4. Select “Firmware Update” option in “Flashing” menu.
  5. Press “…” button on the top-right corner of the window to select the language pack/product code You want to use on your flashing. Click on the product code / language pack that you have selected and press OK button.
  6. It will now show the Product code you have selected. Tick the “Dead phone USB flashing”.
  7. Click on “Refurbish”. Then you’ll get a pop-up window, follow the instruction. If it did not work, best option is to Disconnect the USB cable from your device. Press and Hold the Power button of your phone for 8 seconds. Once it vibrates, release the Power button and immediately connect the USB back into your phone’s port. Then you should see the flashing starts.
  8. After some seconds of flashing, it will pause and prompts for the same instructions as above. Do the same trick as mentioned in Step #7.
  9. When the update process finished, a window will appear “Firmware updating succeeded”. Your phone will automatically restarts when flashing is done. After that, you can safely remove your data cable from your device. In some cases, when using a CFW, it wont says “Firmware updating succeeded” but will just say “Flashing Completed”. When that happens, the device screen will show “Local mode” or “Test mode” or in Nokia Logo. You can try to turn in off by holding the Power button for 8 seconds untill it reaches the multiple vibration. Then restart your device – most of the time it works after that. But if not, you have to repeat the flashing process again.