People are going crazy since Nokia entered the Android scene. Consistent updates and excellent build quality is the brand’s strength. But android enthusiast are waiting for HMD to unlock the bootloader of its android devices. HMD kept silent about this matter, but things are about to change.

2 days ago, HMD finally unlocked the bootloader on the Nokia 8. As a result, it allows developers to customize the phone whatever they want. If you’re not an experienced android user, it’s better to stay away as you might brick your device if you’re trying to toy around with it. Keep in mind that putting such customizations in your phone may harm your device.

Juho Sarvikas posted on Twitter about the exciting news. If you check out its replies, you can see that users praised HMD’s decision about this. The functionality is only available on the Nokia 8 for now, but other Nokia android devices may follow soon. You can sign up to unlock your Nokia 8’s bootloader by visiting here.

What a time to be alive for android developers and modders. With the bootloader finally unlocked for the Nokia 8, what do you think about HMD’s smart move about this matter? Let’s discuss down the comments below.




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