Gallery and Camera Update Manual Install for Nokia 808 and other Belle FP2 devices


galler2Nokia has released another update for Nokia 808 Pureview and other Belle FP2 smartphones. This update is said to provide additional features and functions on the gallery and on the camera section. But some of you are still unable to see this update from your phone or even in Nokia Suite. No worries, you can now manually install this update without  further waiting for availability.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the Gallery and Camera update
  2. Install all the files in any order. It will be installed to C drive automatically.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. Congratulations! You’re phone is now up-to-date!

Let me know if it works or not.

Credits to: DailyMobile


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  • dogan

    it’s work perfectly thnx very much….

  • youre welcome!

  • vojta66

    thanks a lot, works like a charm !

  • You’re welcome! share this site to your friends 🙂

  • Thanks man, Works just perfect but there is no option still for front Camera. Was it meant to come with the update?

  • i already install all the files then restarts my device, im missing the share via twitter? any idea?

    thanks for sharing 😀

  • It was disabled after the FP2. But there’s an app for it called front camera. Kindly check it on our Symbian Belle Apps section, we have it in there ready for download 🙂

  • You’re welcome! the image share was an old update, but if you haven’t got one, please check this article i’ve posted:

  • Samar

    it does not show on nokia suite for my country (India)… should i still go ahead? will it void the warranty?

  • Yes its safe to install, it came from the update files too so nothing to worry about.

  • hey that was quick!!! i have updated my 808 with the above mentioned files… phone appears to be faster… however s/w version still shows 113.010.1506

  • can i use it for nokia 603

  • You should some improvements in video camera too, you can toggle the flash while shooting a video. 🙂
    you got the same FW version as mine 🙂
    1508 appears to be buggy so i dont bother 🙂

  • as long as it runs Belle FP2 🙂

  • Edwin Adrianta

    Hi, many thanks for the update. But, now my Gallery is freezing, and after I lock my phone, the screen doesn’t turn off. I did reboot, soft reset, several times but no avail
    any suggestion?

  • Hi, im sorry to hear that, this is the first time Ive heard of that.. coz those files came from the official update… what phone are you using? do u have any installed mod files on your phone?

  • Edwin Adrianta

    Hi, I don’t install any mods.
    My phone is Nokia 808
    Now, I can not use my phone due to this problem…. Are there any users facing the same problem here??

  • none so far, are u on Belle FP2?

  • Edwin Adrianta

    Belle FP2
    Software 1507

    Now I am trying to do a hard reset…. =_=a

  • We have no FP2 available here Taiwan. Official Nokia 808 firmware stucks at FP1 (Software version 112.020.0311) for Taiwan. Can we install this gallery/camera update manually on FP1?

  • that I cannot assure… coz these are files for FP2… might not work correcty on your firmware version

  • Siddhartha Patra

    Installed the updates on my Nokia 603 running on Belle FP2. Now thankfully can send multiple pics directly from the gallery through bluetooth. But can you elaborate on the mds_gallery_cr.sis update in it. What is its purpose?? In my Netqin app, I saw it now appears as an extra process. Earlier, gallery and camera processes never showed up in Netqin, after they have been closed, but now it still shows. On closing those processes, then starting the camera and gallery, they start just like the way they start after switching on the phone, i.e., they take time to open. Moreover didn’t see any significant effect of the HighResZoom update. Phone seems to be very slightly laagy now, dunno why. Please do advise me about these.
    Waiting for your reply.

  • shayan

    hi I have nokia 808 belle FP2
    thanks for the files
    but I have a little problems
    can’t see images in landscape in gallery
    “back” button and “share” buttons are gone
    options in each picture and information in each image is gone
    camera doesn’t work completely
    PLEASE HELP me:)

  • Cesar Arboleda

    Please I need back to me old belle refresh, cuz the camera and gallery update dosen’t work in me N8.. please help me!!

  • Hi Cesar, this update is for Belle FP2 or Nokia 808 only, it is not intended for Belle Refresh, you can try to do a factory reset.

  • Have u tried to reinstall it again? is your phone hacked and with installed mods?

  • yinka

    i downloaded the gallery and camera update and it won’t open on my keeps saying:idle,feature not supported.pld i need help on what to do.cos i can’t take pictutes with my phone.asap.

  • What belle device are you using?


    I am using Nokia 808 Pureview!
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Nigeria.

  • Cesar Arboleda

    Yep, i try hard reset, *#7370# and factory reset…also the restored backup but nothing happend, still dosen’t work …y donwload another cameras app and work, but the original nokia camera and gallery nop yet…some ideas for fix?.. Please help me…you know me n8 is the camera before the 808

    Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 07:14:15 +0000 To:

  • Yeah but N8 has a different OS structure than 808 plus camera functionalities are different so 808 updates wont apply to N8. I would advise you to try reinstalling the firmware via nokia suite.

  • Are you on FP2?

  • Yinka

    What is a FP2?

  • Cesar Arboleda

    Yep, i try reinstalling the firmware but still dosen’t work,, just in case some one know a link for install just only OS structure for N8 old camera and gallery??,, please i need help 🙁 … Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 12:02:06 +0000 To:

  • Belle Feature Pack 2

  • Im not sure why hard reset doesnt work for you since it should reset the phone to factory settings. The files you’ve installed should be gone after reset or reinstalling your firmware

  • Cesar Arboleda

    yep, is really raro why no working wiht the hard reset…!!!…some another solutions..??? Another kind for hard reset?, actually work wiht shutter pro app, i reset like 8 times but nothing..,

    Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 18:21:36 +0000 To:

  • little L

    hi , i am new to the site & would like 2 tell my curious problem >
    after i updated my nokia 701 with this gallery & camera update > camera worked fine , later i saw some “metadata system process ” running in netqin AV , so i closed it . from then on my 701 camera never worked ;it just shows black screen(but camera pro works) . later i reinstalld entire os from nokia suite still the camera cudnt open. so i flashed my 701 using phoenix with offcial frmware , surprisingly camera was working again, later i checked software update in my phone & saw the “gallery , cam update ” , i installd that update . now again camera is not working , just shows black screen ! has any1 exprncd the same ;/ or is it only me? ?? if u know the ans pls post here . i want to know desperately .

  • Hi sorry to hear that, but I think Netqin is causing the issue here. I have never used any antivirus software on Belle and I haven’t got any issues. Try uninstalling Netqin