The Nokia 7 Plus is the first Nokia device to be tested with Android 9 Pie. With the update being launched to other android devices, HMD is gearing up with Google to make the OS update work perfectly on every Nokia android devices. The Nokia 7 Plus, being the top 1 priority of the update, will be the one to receive the update first.

Even though Android 9 Pie beta is available on the Nokia 7 Plus, “Digital Wellbeing” is one of the features that didn’t make it to the device. As this feature is only available to Google’s Pixel devices.

Nokia 7 Plus

But today, things have gone to a different direction. Digital Wellbeing is now finally available for the Nokia 7 Plus running on Android 9 Pie beta. The feature is available through an update from the Play Store.

So if you’re one of those sporting a Nokia 7 Plus with Android 9 Pie beta, don’t forget to check out Digital Wellbeing. Or you can head directly to the download page here.



It is very important to know how we spend time on our devices. This is where Digital Wellbeing comes into play. Digital Wellbeing allows you to track on how much time you spend on some apps. You can also schedule apps to take a break and encourages you to step away. How’s your Digital Wellbeing experience on your Nokia 7 Plus? Let us know in the comments below.




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