Capturing and Sharing Moments in a Breeze: Lumia 625 Featured in Grass House’s Video



Numerous promotional videos about Lumia 925 and 1020 are seen and featured in the web today, no doubt about that. Now, let’s pause for a while and let their cousin Lumia 625, the latest Nokia Lumia smartphone for low-cost consumers, take center stage as its latest promotional video comes to us via YouTube!

Featured in the UK band Grass House short documentary “And Now For The Wild”, the said video focuses on its members using the Lumia 625 to take videos, and share it to the others, highlighting its 4G capabilities that can make media sharing easier. We also saw in the video 625’s large screen which is very ideal for video streaming. A sneak peek on a red Coloud headphone, the Pop, was also seen – a very compatible accessory in color and function, not only for 625, but to other Lumia smartphones as well.

Lumia 625 is a much-awaited WP8 smartphone – you will definitely get more for less with this handset. We are hoping to see more of this Lumia in Nokia’s upcoming ads. To know more of this lovely device, please read on Lumia 625’s feature article here.

Watch Grass House’s video featuring Lumia 625 below:


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