Far ahead of its competitors, Nokia 8 is now ready for the most recent and latest Android update yet, the Android 8.1.

In a tweet, Juho Sarvikas made an announcement on Twitter that Nokia 8 is now eligible to download the Android 8.1 Beta.




Changes on Android 8.1. The Nokia 8 receives the said Android 8.1 beta update. Credits: Kevs Villarico / Nokia Android Family PH

One notable changes made on the latest update is the transparency of the Quick Settings and redesigning its power menu instead of pop-up menu in the center, it is now aligned beside Power Button.

Android 8.1 Settings App

This is what to expect on revamped Settings Menu on Stock Android 8.1. Credits: AndroidHeadlines.com

Other than that, Google updated the hamburger emoji appearance. To recall, that hamburger emoji made its news late last year because of the arrangement of its ingredients as illustrated on Google emojii keyboard is far from the real arrangement of a typical hamburger. That’s why the post graphics as shown is a Nokia 8 phone with a screen showing a waiter serving a humburger.

Go ahead to nokia.com/phones/betalabs  and follow what has been instructed there.

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