The Nokia X7, codenamed ‘Phoenix’, is one of the most awaited successor of the Nokia X6. Rumors has it that the device will be sported with powerful internals compared to the first two of the X series. While the first two are sported with a notch, will the Nokia X7 follow the sea of notched smartphones too? Let’s find out.

Yesterday, a Weibo account under the name “Leitech” has posted high quality photos of the Nokia X7’s front panel. It was rather a surprise that it didn’t sport a notch compared to the first two devices under the X series.

Nokia X7

Nokia X7

The device is said to have a Full HD+ (2160x1080p) resolution, with the screen being 5.92 inch tall. It is said to come with the latest Snapdragon 710 processor that’s released by Qualcomm this year. It seems like the “Nokia Phoenix” is said to be the Nokia X7 after all. The device was found in FIH’s server data months ago, and it’s nice to see that a part of the device has seen the light of day.

Not a fan of the notch? The Nokia X7 is definitely the perfect phone for you. Stay tuned for more info about the Nokia X7’s release right here on Nokia Revolution. What do you think of the leaked device so far? Let us know in the comments below.




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