Nokia Reports: Lumia Now Controls 20% of Smartphone Marketshare in Three Asian Countries!



Nokia’s top executive officer reports positive news about the current status and growth of their Lumia smartphones’ platform, the Windows Phone OS. Lots of good stuff these days! Hurray for WP!

In the recent speaking engagement by Nokia, Microsoft, and San Diego-based microprocessor partner Qualcomm, they focused on their work on Nokia’s latest flagship device, the Lumia 1020. According to Jo Harlow, Executive Vice President for Nokia’s Smart Devices Business,

“We think this will ultimately replace your need to carry a digital SLR or certainly a point-and-shoot camera.”

She also reported the recent performance and growth of the Lumia smartphone venture in some countries in the Asia-Pacific region:

“In Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, we recently broke through 20 percent market share with Lumia, so obviously the Windows Phone platform is becoming really significant.”

As for the two main smartphone markets, the US and China, Harlow has this to say,

“They are highly competitive. But we are gaining traction in both those markets.”

Making a breakthrough and improving sales in the Asia-Pacific region is a significant success. The developing countries of Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are key markets for Nokia and seeing the Lumia gaining popularity is a sign of Nokia’s improved marketing strategies, especially in producing low-cost, but high-quality merchandise. The US and China market, though a bit challenging because of the domination of iPhone and Samsung devices, can test the potentials of the Lumia WP8. Will its unique features – camera, phone design, OS – enough to turn the tide? We, Nokia Revolution, have faith in the capabilities of the device, but how about the rest of the world? We’ll find out in the upcoming data reports.



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